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Inventions of the Year 2006

Saturday, December 30th, 2006

best inventions 2006 2007

Synthetic Gecko Feet

The Gecko’s ability to seemingly stick to anything was a mystery until just four years ago, when scientists discovered the reptile’s secret: billions of follicles on its toes that bond atomically with the surface. (more…)

Review: 2006 BMW M5

Saturday, December 9th, 2006

Four Door F1 Car

2006 BMW M5 review test drive

Most high-end automakers employ geary gangs of mad mechanics to goose their standard offerings, typically taking an already fine sedan and piling on horsepower, thus enabling said ride to exceed two or even three times the speed limit. Mercedes has its AMG line, Audi the S-Series, and BMW has a posse of souped-up vehicles dubbed the M-Class.

The newest entry in this lineup, an $85,000 Indianapolis-red-metallic M5, was delivered unto me recently on a gray Bay Area day, one on which I happened to need to hustle from San Francisco to Sacramento for a speaking engagement. I was a little worried about making it on time. I shouldn’t have been. (more…)